Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Wrong Way to Use a Web Site

Companies need to review the reason they have a web site. Some companies use a web site to brand their product. Others use their site to act as an online brochure of services and benefits. What you do not want to do is simply have a web site with no purpose or one that is simply a one page flyer.

I was looking online for information on products from Dolly Madison. A friend in Mexico had asked about Zingers, a sugary sweet product that has no nutritional value whatsoever but tastes great. Dolly Madison has been around for decades so I would guess they have several products.

So what does Dolly Madison do with their site? Do they list their products with pictures? No. Is there any way for the customer to learn more about the products? No. Is there anything about the site that looks interesting? No.

For Dolly Madison products, it's just one page with shots of two products and a drop down box so you can check out the other affiliates companies. And a contact button. Nothing else. My friend from Mexico commented, "They don't care." That's not the sentiment companies want to foster with potential customers.

I'm certain those of you reading this have put much more energy and thought into your web site than Dolly Madison. If not, now is a good time to look at your site and see if it's being utilized to bring your company maximum benefits and help your business grow.

Richard Villasana
The Mexico Guru

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